When Winter Becomes Unbearable

Thank God we’ve had some warmer days… I know I haven’t written in a while, but of course, as predicted, I’ve been struggling- with winter. In a previous blog entry I said I was going to make this winter the best winter ever! That indeed did not happen… and unfortunately winter isn’t over-yet. So I have to try to get on with it, and still try to turn things around. Last year I made a long list of activities to do in the winter and then I divided into three categories: low energy, moderate energy and high energy. When one struggles with depression or an eating disorder, there are many days when opening a book is too taxing. I pray this list will help you find ways to get through winter. Keep your chin up, it eventually has to end!

Low Energy:

  • Workout: Bike and Read, Hot Tub, or Steam Room
  • Plan Dream Vacations (Pinterest For Inspiration)
  • Research New Exciting Places in the World
  • Pinterest a New Craft, Recipe, or Fashion
  • Read By a Fire
  • Light Candles and Read
  • Light Candles and Listen to Music
  • Find New Music
  • Window Shop Online
  • Catch up With Friends Via Text/Facebook
  • Journal/Blog
  • Make a Wish List/Shopping List
  • Phone Games
  • Computer Games
  • Look on Twitter/Instagram
  • You Tube Different Exercises (NOT Diets)
  • You Tube Jenna Marbles (She’s Hilarious!)
  • You Tube Motivational Clips (“The Ultimate Motivational Clip- Rise and Shine!”)
  • Read Your Daily Bible Verses
  • Listen to the Bible Via YouVersion
  • Look Up Neat Restaurants by Reviews or Open Table App
  • Check Out StumbleUpon App
  • Look at Etsy
  • Make Plans with Friends
  • Dream Up Tattoo

Moderate Energy:

  • 30-50 Minutes Cardio or Weights
  • Catch Up on Work/Homework
  • Do Etsy or Pinterest Craft
  • Shop My Closet: Put Together Cute Outfits
  • Listen to a Sermon
  • Build a Blog or Website
  • Knitting
  • Drawing/Painting/Doodling
  • Bake or Cook
  • Pedicure/Manicure/Facial Masks
  • Play With Hair and Find New Hair Dos
  • Clean
  • Foam Roll Your Tight Muscles
  • Meditate
  • Window Shop for Dream House
  • Learn New Language
  • Go to a Coffee Shop
  • See a Movie With a Friend
  • Go to Dinner with Family or Friend
  • Luxurious Bath-Bubbles, Candles, Music, Book, Drink
  • Girls Night Movie In
  • Listen to a TED Talk

High Energy

  • Workout With A Friend
  • Paint
  • Bake for Friends/Coworkers/Family
  • Organize Something
  • Home Improvement
  • Dance In Your Living Room/Bedroom
  • Watch a Local High School Game or College Game With Company
  • Go to a Professional Sports Team Game
  • Read About Finances/Investing
  • Rock Climbing w/ Friends
  • Play Sport Indoors
  • Bible Study
  • Volunteer at Church
  • Stretch Until You Can Do the Splits
  • Get Dressed Up and Go Out to Eat or a Play
  • Happy Hour With Friends
  • Museums/Art Galleries
  • Shopping
  • Snow Tubing
  • Snowshoeing
  • Cross Country Ski
  • Stay In a Cabin
  • Babysit
  • Visit Family
  • Put Things Online For Sale
  • Host Board Game Night
  • Mentor a Teenager
  • Host a Dinner Party

These are just a few ideas! Print it off and hang it up on your refridgerater or the back of your bedroom door. Make it seen, because what is unseen is forgotten. Explore new areas and reignite old passions!

What helps you get through the blues?

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About Kristina

Adventuring Christian woman climbed 55 mountains in 87 days to help overcome her eating disorder. She has now blogged about the entire journey and will continue to blog to raise awareness about eating disorders. She hopes she will inspire others to get help, explore their faith, and chase after the life they were intended to live.

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